how it works

Step 1 - Sign Up On Web site and get free miles.
Step 2 - Sign In and Download Apps.
Step 3 - Congratulations you can now start using the service!

Who Is Firsthumb?

Firsthumb is the first “Timely On Demand” travel service which uses the latest Mobile and Web technologies for sharing rides and giving lifts in cars.

Fare Payment

Firsthumb charges and payments are on a mileage travelled basis. Pre-arrangement of travel plans can be made on our website or throough our mobile apps.

What We Do

We bring people together with the ideas of conserving fuel, cutting the cost of travel, and reducing the amount of time spent wasted in traffic jams and congested traffic.


We track the journey we know who got in the car with who, when and where they travelled to and from. Everyone has to register, Firsthumb needs all users to register their details and have an active PayPal account.

Firsthumb Mobile Apps

Firsthumb provides a Mobile App solution to enable car drivers and passengers to securely connect together to share lifts or rides when they need to.